AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

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AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today


Tiers guide

  • SS — Over-Powered Heroes that possess exceptional utility that single-handedly change the outcome of the match
  • S — Powerful Heroes who have game changing qualities by just being in the team composition.
  • A — Very good Heroes who possess solid utility and game winning qualities
  • B — Good Heroes who provide utility and situational game winning qualities.
  • C — Average Heroes who possess some utility but lacks game winning qualities.
  • D — Situational Heroes who lack utility and/or need heavy investment to make them work. Used only for very specific situations
  • F — Heroes who do not provide any usefulness for the team or have not yet unlocked important upgrades to make them viable

List Division

Early Game lvl 1-60

The Early Game Tier List ranks heroes according to the speed by which they are able to finish the early game both efficiently and effectively. This does not rank heroes purely by their speed but also by how well they are able to carry their team with the least amount of investment while also maximizing their ability to win big scores and big rewards.

Mid Game lvl 61 – 160

The Mid Game begins at lvl 61 for it is a very defining level for most heroes in the game.

  • Legendary Heroes gain Ultimate lvl 2. A very defining upgrade for most Legendary heroes since these heroes tend to feel lacking in utility before lvl 61.
  • Mythic Heroes gain Skill 4. They unlock their last skill, making them viable as the upgrade completes their skill set.

To summarize, lvl 61 is a big level up achievement for most if not all heroes of both Mythic and Legendary rarity. Many Heroes become viable after lvl 61, so we decided to make this lvl the gateway to Mid Game as we think this is when the “True Battle” begins.


Late Game lvl 161-240+

The Late game begins at lvl 161 for this is the max lvl of Legendary Heroes which means from here on, Legendary Heroes will fall off in power as they will no longer gain skill upgrades. Thus, they will begin to lose viability.

For this reason, Late Game begins for the game will now be played alot differently as with the absence of Legendary Heroes, the game now purely revolves on Mythic Heroes. This will last until they reach their max lvl which is 240.

Early Game Speed Running Tier List Lvl 1-60

General Tier List

AFK Arena - General Tier List


AFK Arena - PVP

PVE (Adventure, Tower)


Labyrinth and Peaks of Time

afk arena labyrinth

Guild Boss – Goblin, Wrizz


Guild Boss – Soren

AFK Arena Soren


Mid Game Tier List Lvl 61-160

General Tier List

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today


AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

PVE (Adventure, Tower)

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Labyrinth and Peaks of Time

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Guild Boss – Goblin, Wrizz

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Guild Boss – Soren

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Late Game Tier List Lvl 161-240+

General Tier List

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today



  • SS — Shemira, Tasi, Fawkes
  • S — Lyca

PVE (Adventure, Tower)

  • SS — Shemira, Brutus, Tasi
  • S — Nemora, Lyca, Ferael
  • A — Arden

Labyrinth and Peaks of Time

The same as Mid

Guild Boss – Goblin, Wrizz

  • SS — Shemira, Vurk, Isabella, Khasos
  • S — Raine, Estrilda, Belinda, Nemora, Brutus

Guild Boss – Soren

  • SS — Kaz, Warek
  • S — Nemora, Brutus, Lyca

Best Mythic Heroes for late game



Atk Supp, Bruiser, Control


Estrilda is a frontliner who lacks tankiness but makes up for it in supportive capabilities and damage. She has CC, buffs her allies’s damage & defense, and contributes backline damage as well.

Strength: Attack Rate Buff, Energy Restoration, Damage Reduction Buff, Knock Back & Knock Down at first attack

Weakness: Not tanky, Low Energy Gain [due to skills with long animations]

  • Estrilda is best used with a dive heavy team due to her posessing 2 AoE Buff-type skills (Skill 3 – Inspire and Skill 4 – Ridicule) that boost allies’ offensive power and durability. This is also because Estrilda herself is fragile so having allies that will take damage for her early on will help her survive longer, allowing her to Provide more utility as a support and Tank. Estrilda’ Ultimate is a very long duration stun, having Estrilda survive and get it to activate is a big advantage. However, with her fragility, this can be hard to achieve.
  • Lvl 61+: Estrilda’s 4th skill (Ridicule) knocks the enemy frontliner back far enough so that Belinda’s 2nd skill (Divine Retribution) can hit the backline as well.
  • Lvl 121+: Estrilda’s ability to grant allies energy is good for allies who rely on their ultimate to be useful.
  • Estrilda’s 2nd skill (Royal Charge) does damage to the enemy backline, which works well with Assassins.
  • Thane: is a great ally for Estrilda to have due to him being a Diver that dives behind the enemy frontline. This means that when Estrilda casts her Skill 3 – Inspire, Thane will be caught inside the Area of Effect even if Thane is at the opposite location of Estrilda (Examples: [Estrilda pos 1, Thane pos 5] & [Estrilda pos 2, Thane pos 3]). This strategy essentially turns Estrilda’s skill from a 4 man buff into a 5 man buff, fullly taking advantage of Estrilda’s skill effects. Estrilda’s buffs also grant Thane Energy, allowing him to use his ultimate sooner and avoid lethal damage.
  • Thane lvl 141+: Alternatively, Thane is also a good hero to place behind Estrilda when Thane is above lvl 141 because at this point, Thane will have high energy gain thus will utilize his ultimate very soon. This allows Thane to tank the next few hits after the first for Estrilda, then cast his ultimate for Estrilda to resume tanking again. With the enemy’s damage output alternating between Thane and Estrilda, the combo grants you a relatively durable frontline even when you are using Estrilda. (yes, she’s really fragile)
  • Position 4: When Estrilda is placed at position 4, she is able to hit all allies with her Skill 3 AoE, Inspire, which includes allies at position 1 and 5, which are furthest from the Guild Boss.
  • After 141: Estrilda becomes an extremely powerful support for team compositions that utilize multiple damage dealers that employ the Double Ult Strategy. against Wrizz At lvl 141, Estrilda’s 3rd skill – Inspire grants allies 200 energy when it is cast. This is more than enough to allow most heroes to utilize their ultimate ability a few seconds before Wrizz uses his ultimate ability, this allows allies to use up their Energy Before Wrizz casts his ultimate and fully recover 1000 Energy for an instant recast of their ultimate ability. However, becareful when utilizing this strategy with allies that provide Shields with their ultimate ability (Like Luscius and Nemora) because allies do not gain energy when taking shield damage. This can delay their ultimate and lose the double ult efficiency. To know you are efficient with Ultimates, try to count the number of Ultimates your heroes cast. If they cast at last 7 ultimates, they successfully have played the double ult strategy.
  • Before 141: Estrilda is best utilized wth multiple heroes who deal high basic attack damage. With Estrilda buffing their attack speed, Estrilda gets to amplify allies’ damage and energy gain. However, Estrilda’s fragility makes her not as ideal as she is a fragile frontline so she can have weak survivability and other ranged supports may perform better. However, this can be remedied by playing multiple melee heroes, allowing them to take Wrizz’s single target damage for Estrilda.
  • vs Soren: Against Soren, Estrilda is a less effective support due to her having a faction disadvantage against Soren. This makes her already low HP work even more against her and Soren’s charms can deny Estrilda the ability to cast Inspire on her allies, making her lose her utility entirely. While Estrilda is one of the best support against Wrizz, she is less effective against Soren.
  • Luscius + Nemora Synergy vs Soren: This combination grants your whole team nearly full immunity against ALL of Soren’s Charms depending on how strong both Luscius and Nemora’s shields are. With these 3 heroes, any damage dealer can work against Soren as they will have exceptional surivability and immunity against Soren’s Charm.
    – Lvl Requirement: Nemora lvl 141+, Estrilda lvl 121+
    – Positioning: 1 – Luscius, 2 – Damage, 3 – Nemora, 4 – Estriilda, 5 – Damage. Having Estrilda at Position 4 means Estrilda’s Inspire affects all allied heroes.
  • Ira, Belinda & Isabella: Despite Inspire granting bonus Attack Rate and Energy after lvl 121, it is not enough for Ira and Belinda to be able to utilize the Double Ult strategy. This is due to their Attack Rate being too low. So it is better to rely on the Energy Artifact over Estrilda to be able to join the Double Ult strat. This is likely true for all heroes who do not rely on Attack Rate for energy gain as well (like Isabella & Shemira).


Burst, Atk Supp


Belinda is a ranged DPS with high burst potential gated by her naturally low energy generation.

Strength: High crit, Strong burst

Weakness: Slow energy gain, Damage loaded in ultimate

  • Belinda’s low energy gain can be supplemented by Estrilda and Lyca after they’re Lv.121. Lyca’s attack speed buff at the beginning of battle also helps in this regard, as Belinda’s low energy gain can be attributed in part to her low innate attack speed.
  • Due to Belinda’s 3rd skill (Brilliance), she has the 2nd highest Crit Rating in the game. This makes the Dura’s Eye Artifact especially potent on her. The attack speed buff from Dura’s Eye also increases Belinda’s energy generation.
  • Belinda is one of the best heroes to use with Raine due to the amount of damage her ultimate does in such a short time frame.
  • Double Ult: Use with Dura’s Call [Energy] to give her enough energy to use her ultimate right before Wrizz uses his “Bombs Away” attack (the massive AoE), which will fill her energy bar again from the damage dealt, allowing her to use her ultimate twice in quick succession.
  • Offensive Support for DPS: +15% Atk and Crit Buff to 1-2 allies. However, because this buff is on a basic skill, she does not always buff allies when they activate their ultimate ability so she is best suited for DPS teams over Double Ult teams.
  • Deals decent damage with faction advantage against Wrizz while providing good offensive support.
  • With faction disadvantage, can suffer against Soren.


Sweeper, Atk Supp, DPS


Raine is a niche support whose specialty is amplifying the damage of her allies and snowballing one kill into a victory through massive energy regeneration.

Strength: Snowballing games, +15 Crit Rate [Elite+ Union Buff]

Weakness: Only as good as her strongest ally

  • Raine’s ultimate is best used alongside a hero who has an ultimate which can secure quick kills, as that hero can consecutively cast their ultimate after each kill. A prime example of this would be Belinda’s ultimate, which has unlimited range and massive burst damage.
  • Known for her ability to turn heroes into SS tier depending on the situation.
  • Try to acquire Raine’s +15 Crit Rate Union Buff as soon as possible to slightly leverage Raine’s low damage output.
  • Offensive Support for Ult Teams: While Raine herself deals low damage, she applies a debuff on the Boss that causes them to take 15/20% Physical and Magical damage. But what makes this significant is how this debuff is tied to her ultimate ability. This means Raine will always cast her defense reduction at the same time as her allies’ ultimate abilities. This makes her a powerful ally for allies who deal high Ultimate Damage.
  • Offensive Support for Double Ult: When Raine is played with a lvl 121+ Estrilda, Raine is guaranteed to cast her ultimate ability at the same time as the Double Ult Damage Dealer(s). This makes her straight up the best Defense Reduction Support for Double Ult compositions as Raine-Estrilda is always guaranteed to amplify the damage of the first and 2nd ultimate ability, increasing your team’s damage output very significantly.


Tank, Def Supp

Tank Def Supp

Lucius is a defensive frontliner who possesses high durability and supports his team by providing healing and powerful shields. However, he sacrifices nearly all offensive capabilities for his powerful defensive kit.

Strength: 500% 5 man shields, Damage Reduction, Healing

Weakness: No dmg output, Mediocre Stun

  • Lucius’s shielding and healing grant Survivalist status to his entire team, making him amazing in Guild Hunts even though his personal damage is very low. Against Soren, the shields from his ultimate can be used block Soren’s Charm or ultimate damage.
  • When utilized with Nemora, all dps are immortal against Wrizz at all points of the game and only gets more effective when Nemora starts providing shields herself, making the duo effective against Soren’s Charms and High AoE Damage.



DPS, Sweeper [lvl 141+]

DPS Sweeper [lvl 141+]

Thane is a highly elusive Crit-based damage dealer who becomes stronger the higher his crit rate is.

With his ultimate, he deals powerful attacks to random targets while in an invulnerable state, making Thane perform better as the enemies’ numbers dwindle.

He is also the cheapest Guild Hunt damage dealer in the game, capable of dealing consistently high damage and surviving until time out even on minimal investment.

Strength: Ult gains more strikes when it crits, Invulnerable during Ult, High Guild Boss DPS

Weakness: Needs lvl 141, Needs allies to get early kills, Have no synergy with Khasos, Can dodge Nemora heals, Heals does not work during ult

  • Skill 3 – Execution: Is a minature version of Thane’s Ultimate skill. This skill descripton is a bit vage but how it basically functions is Thane becomes invulnerable while attacking the enemy 6 times (like his ultimate) except that all attacks hit only 1 enemy. However, unlike his ultimate, this skill only strike up to 6 times (with or without crit). But what makes this skill strong is that it also deals damage equal to 15% of the target’s max hp. This skill is Thane’s single target burst ability and is essential for Thane to be deadly. This skill activates only after Thane have recently hit 4 critical strikes and this skill is not on cooldown. Having a single target version of Thane’s Ultimate makes this Thane’s best Skill as each strike only deal 80% damage so the bonus of dealing 15% of the target’s max hp is Thane’s highest burst damage. When seeking to play Thane, one would be trying to give Thane with as High Crit Rate as possible to trigger this skill consistently and gain the ability to finish off low health enemies as Thane’s Ultimate is too random for it to reliably kill enemies.
    Thane’s Ultimate is not his best skill. Skill 3 is his best skill. His ult is only for Thane to safely land crits, healing and set up this skill. So don’t be too disappointed if his ultimate does not deal much damage. It is not meant to be his killing move.
  • Before lvl 141: From Early to Mid Game, Thane is almost strictly a Guild Hunt hero due to him being a Fragile Ultimate dependent diver with no energy gain skills. This limits his viability in situations where the frontline is taking alot of damage, which is exactly what the frontline is. If you want to utilize Thane in modes outside Guild Hunt before lvl 141, you will have to utilize heroes who can dive the enemy backline with him(like Silvina) to spread the focus fire, preventing Thane from being attacked by 3 enemies at once from the beginning of the battle. Control type heroes are also good to buy time for Thane’s ult. However, Thane’s ult would not really deal much damage with a single cast so utilize heroes with good focused damage as Thane thrives as the enemies’ numbers dwindle.
  • After 141 – SUSTAIN: By the end of Mid Game, Thane jumps from D tier across all non-Guild Hunt modes due to him gaining Healing and Energy gain off crits as before lvl 141, Thane have no way to get healing during his Ultimate skill(even with Khasos), making him a Sweeper with no sustain.
  • After 141 – ENERGY: Another issue he had was the lack of focused damage as most of his damage is on his Ultimate skill that distributes the damage randomly accross all targets in the battlefield. This makes him the least effective at picking off single enemies out of all the Sweepers in the game, making his sweep a big gamble early on. However, from lvl 141, he gains 25 Energy off every Crit, granting him a chance to recast his ultimate faster or instanty after an ult cast. This jumps up his AoE damage and Durability exponentially, making him a deadly sweeper that enemies can’t deal with when the RNG is on your side.
  • Rarity: Due to Thane being a fragile diver who is also a damage dealer, Thane absolutely needs good rarity to compete outside Guild Hunts. However, he is also the least Rarity dependent DPS in Guild Hunt, making him a great hero to have even at low rarity.
  • Low Investment Damage Dealer: Thane deserves the SS Tier due to him requiring little to no investment to deal damage that can rival heroes with 2 rarity ranks above him. Elite Thane can rival Legendary Heroes even with inferior equipments based on experiments. Something other heroes can’t do. It mostly is due to how fast Thane deals damage and his ability to completely dodge the damage of bosses’ skills. Thane is especially effective against Wrizz due to his low damage outside his ult.
  • Timing Invulnerability: One can also utilize manual casting to deliberately dodge Wrizz’ Ultimate skill but when playing a Thane below lvl 141, this is not ideal as Thane is too fragile, always the priority target of Wrizz (unless you utilize double dive) and is a hard hero to heal/shield due to his fragility and tendency to be untargettable. But after 141, it is a viable strategy if you are having a hard time surviving until time out on auto.
  • After 141: Thane becomes the best Survivalist hero in the game due to him finally gaining Energy Gain and Health Regeneration. This allows him to cast more of his ultimate ability and the sustain makes sure he is (most often) never vulnerable outside his ultimate as he is constantly healed up with every crit damage he lands. This regen also allows his weakness of being unable to gain healing from all heroes of the game negated. He essentially loses all of his weaknesses after lvl 141.
  • lvl 141+ vs Wrizz: At this point, Thane is pretty much immortal due to Wrizz damage output being too low to kill Thane outside his ultimate. Wrizz’ ultimate when it hits Thane but doesn’t kill him also restores Thane’s energy to full, allowing Thane to quickly recover whatever health he lost. With 2 Invulnerability skills, a Shield, Health Regen and Faction Advantage, Thane is one of the best heroes to play against Wrizz, being the top 3 highest dmg in mid game and top 1 in the late game.
  • lvl 141+ vs Soren: Once again, Thane is immortal against Soren as well even with the faction disadvantage due to the same reasons why he is immortal against Wrizz but also because of how good he is against Soren’s slow damage output and Charm skill. Thane’s Ultimate and Skill 3 are both able to dodge Soren’s Charm and Ultimate, both powerful skills that are often lethal or hindering to most heroes. But Thane can just completely dodge those skills while at the same time dealing high damage. Additionally, since Soren’s Ultimate hits 4x and applies a poison, Thane is often able to fully regain energy on the 2nd Hit of Soren’s Ultimate, thus Thane will then cast his Ultimate, negating the next 2 hits and the poison damage completely. This negates majority of what makes Soren lethal. Additionally, Thane’s skill 2 – Lunge grants Thane amall shield, granting Thane the ability to block 1 Soren charm and continue dealing damage when most other Survivalists cant. And while Thane is dealing damage, Thane can land more crits and be invulnerable once again from the next charm.
  • Depsite being at a faction disadvantage, Soren will never kill a lvl 141+ Thane. All these makes Thane the best vs Soren hero in the late game.



Bruiser, Tank, Atk Supp

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Brutus is daddy

Strength: Invincibility passive
High damage
Good lifesteal
Increase physical damage taken by 3-4 enemies
Ultimate invulnerable to magic damage
Anti-dodge debuff

Weakness: Roar has a very long cast time, vulnerable to CC.

  • Part of any top tier team composition.
  • Place in front of a Sweeper for best effects. Brutus’s 4th skill (Last Gasp) guarantees that he survives longer than most other frontliners, buying more time for your Sweeper to build energy. Due to surviving longer, Brutus is more likely to be able to cast his ultimate, meaning that on average, Brutus outdamages most other frontliners as well. His high damage can enable a Sweeper to secure a quick kill and gain an energy advantage.
  • Put strength-based and agility-based heroes behind Brutus rather than intelligence-based to take full advantage of his 2nd skill (Roar), which increases physical damage taken by 3-4 enemies. Strength and agility heroes deal physical damage while intelligence heroes deal magic damage.
  • Brutus’s 2nd skill (Roar) makes enemies affected unable to dodged (after Lv.101), making him good against agility-based heroes, especially Kaz.


Def Supp, Bruiser


Khasos is a versatile hero chosen primarily for his ability to support his allies by granting them all lifesteal, but he also does respectable AoE damage and can tank in a pinch.

Strength: AoE backline damage, Lifesteal for all allies

Weakness: Ultimate is nothing special

  • Due to granting Maulers more lifesteal than other factions (after Lv.141), Khasos works best with other Maulers, especially those with strong and fast autoattacks.
  • Khasos’s 3rd skill (Throwing Axe) damages heroes in the backline and can help Assassins set up quick kills.





AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Vurk is a mobile damage dealer who maneuvers around the battlefield, switching targets proactively.

Strength: Good opening burst but still has very high sustained damage

Weakness: Situational ultimate, Automatic repositioning can backfire

  • Vurk’s ultimate will only strafe as far as enemies are spread, making his ultimate exceptional when enemies are few in number and/or tightly clustered together, but very underwhelming if enemies are sufficiently spread out.
  • Try to position Vurk against the weaker frontliner to guarantee the explosion damage from his 3rd skill (Poison Vial), as it only explodes if it does 15% of the target’s HP in damage.




Def Supp, Atk Supp


Numisu is a unique healer who buffs his strongest ally and distracts enemies with his totems.

Strength: Steroid for autoattackers, Distracts enemies

Weakness: Ultimate usually doesn’t do much

  • Numisu’s 4th skill (Fanaticism) provides a large attack speed bonus, which increases in effectiveness the stronger the ally’s autoattacks are. Best targets include Saveas and Brutus, due to their passives that increase their autoattack damage: Saveas’s 2nd skill (Bloodied Spear) and Brutus’s 3rd skill (Brutal Defiance) respectively.
  • Numisu’s ultimate can be used as a quick burst heal if activated right after he uses his 2nd skill (Rejuvenating Totem) on an ally, as his ultimate causes the totem to activate again. The same logic applies to his 3rd skill (Offensive Totem) as well.
  • Totems can Back Turn. However, Totems are fragile and are the least reliable out of all Back Turn heroes. (Can be solved if one utilizes Lucius with him but it can require careful manual play)
  • But even with the inconsistency, with Numisu’s attack speed buff and healing, Numisu remains a strong contender for a Guild Hunt as a Back Turnhero with offensive and defensive supporting capabilities.


Bruiser, Control

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Warek is a bruiser whose greatest strength is also his greatest weakness, depending on the matchup.

Strength: Can set up quick kills on enemy frontliners, Ultimate can interrupt enemy ultimates

Weakness: Can get his backline killed

  • Warek’s 2nd skill (Bonebreaker) has a long cast time, meaning that it is prone to being interrupted. This is why Lyca helps, as her attack speed buff can guarantee a successful Bonebreaker at the beginning of the battle.
  • Bonebreaker after Lv.101 can be used as a tool to quickly dispatch an enemy frontliner, due to its defense-reducing property. However, it is a double-edged sword as if the enemy is not dispatched quickly enough, any AoE abilities they cast will also damage your backline. It can be especially devastating if the enemy frontliner is able to cast their ultimate while in the midst of three of your heroes. In some cases, Bonebreaker can activate a second time just before the enemy frontliner is able to cast their ultimate. This is the second-best scenario after outright killing the enemy frontliner in the duration they are affected by the debuff from the first Bonebreaker, but is fairly unreliable.
  • Warek’s ultimate will briefly release control of the enemy before the last hit, allowing the enemy to begin casting their ultimate, which the last hit will interrupt. Use on enemies with full or near full energy to nullify their ultimate.
  • Especially good with the Dura’s Grace Artifact after Lv.141 due to how often Warek can use his ultimate (which activates Dura’s Grace’s shield).


Tank, Control

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Basically the Mythic tier Angelo as in Skreg’s pretty much Angelo levels of useless. Like if Angelo turned into a rodent and his cat turned into a fat ass reptile, you’d pretty much end up with Skreg LMAO

Strength: Ranged damage reduction

Weakness: Melee damage

  • Basically just exists to dilute the Mauler pool so there’s less chance of getting daddy Brutus








Def Supp, Tank, Control

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Nemora is a purely defensive healer who makes up for her low damage output by causing enemies to turn on each other.

Strength: Best healing, Charm

Weakness: Low damage output

  • If you find Nemora sitting at full health while her allies die, without enough energy to cast her ultimate, you can try putting Nemora as a frontliner to increase her energy gain through taking damage. Ideally, put a melee Tank/Bruiser behind her who will take some of the enemy attention away from her as Nemora may not survive a full-fledged assault.
  • Nemora generally charms the closest enemy, so position her accordingly to hit priority targets.




Bruiser, Assassin

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Kaz is melee dps who relies on dodging enemy attacks for both damage and survival, and can help execute priority targets.

Strength: Guaranteed dodges from skill 3, Good vs intelligence & strength heroes

Weakness: Worse vs agility heroes

  • As Kaz is reliant on dodging enemy attacks to be effective, her performance increases as her enemies’ accuracy decreases. As agility heroes have the highest accuracy, followed by strength, and finally intelligence, we can see that Kaz performs best versus intelligence heroes and worst against agility heroes.
  • Due to Kaz gaining guaranteed dodges on a set cooldown from her 3rd skill (Evasive Strike), and also due to her ultimate granting a 20% increase in attack rating on kill (after Lv.161), we can see that Kaz shines in extended encounters. This means that her ideal team composition would consist of allies who can slow the game down with control abilities and also keep her alive longer with heals to maximize the effectiveness of her abilities.


Atk Supp, DPS

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Lyca gives her allies the upper hand at the beginning of battle, but in exchange her performance suffers in longer battles.

Strength: Gain upper hand early, Defense reduction

Weakness:Fragile, Lower damage than other DPS

  • Lyca is best used with heroes who have strong control abilities, as her attack speed buff ensures that her allies perform their first rotation faster than the enemy. This means that allies’ control abilities will usually interrupt the enemies’ first ability cast, granting her team a huge advantage that can be snowballed to victory. Arden shines especially because of his ability to disable 3 targets at once, and therefore interrupt the first ability of those 3 targets at the same time.
  • If placed in position 4, Lyca’s ultimate will hit every enemy
  • Lyca’s 3rd skill (Awe) causes her to leap almost into melee range at the beginning of battle (even if positioned in the backline), meaning that she will be hit by any AoE abilities targeted at her closest frontliner. Due to her fragility, it is usually better to move her to either position 3 or 5 to avoid AoE damage, as leaving her in 4 would mean that she usually dies before being able to cast her ultimate (putting her in position 4 only matters if she can cast her ultimate).


Tank, Def Supp, Bruiser, Control, DPS, Sweeper

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Strength: Does everything

Weakness: Doesn’t do everything well
Healing is based on current missing health, not maximum health

  • Ulmus can be used to round out teams which are looking for a bit more survivability while not giving up too much damage
  • Ideally, Ulmus should be placed in a position where he can absorb significant damage, but not enough damage to kill him before he can cast his ultimate. Then he will retreat to the backline and continue contributing while slowly regenerating health. For best results, pair with a Bruiser who can take his place at the front after Ulmus uses his ultimate.
  • Ulmus’s 4th skill (Life Torrent) heals in an area around him after level 141. Since the heal scales on percentage health, put high health ranged heroes behind Ulmus to maximize his healing as after he uses his ultimate he will sit beside them and continually heal them.



Control, Atk Supp, Def Supp

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Tasi is an elusive control based support hero who possesses 2 control skills and teleports around the battlefield to heal allies and damage enemies.

Strength: CC targets strongest enemy
Teleports when attacked
AoE Stun & Dmg Amplification in Ult

Weakness: Can teleport to death
Unfocused Damage

  • Tasi’s 4th ability (Teleportation) actually completely mitigates any damage she would have received from the attack which triggers her teleport. This makes her deceptively tanky.
  • Tasi is a good option against Silvina if she can survive the initial damage of Silvina’s 3rd skill (First Blood), as she will quickly teleport away once the stun wears off.
  • Tasi is especially good when paired with Shemira as their ultimate abilities will often activate at roughly the same time. Shemira’s ultimate (Tortured Souls) deals damage to all enemies over 12 seconds, which provides a fairly long window for it to line up with Tasi’s ultimate (Slumber) and take advantage of the 25-30% damage boost from Slumber.


Tank, Control

Tank Control

Similar to Ogi, Seirus is a control oriented frontline who sacrifices durability agains’t burst damage in exchange for powerful stuns that hit multiple enemies.

Strength: 50% damage reduction against small hits

Weakness:Long cast times, can be interrupted
Ocean’s Blessing activates before Deluge

  • Thane Synergy: Seirus’ best frontline buddy is Thane and might be dependent on him to work consistently. This is due to thane’s 3rd skill(Ocean’s Blessing) having a very long cast time. The skill when successfully cast grants Seirus’ next 3 attacks bonus damage and AoE. However, its long cast animation means Seirus is very prone to being interrupted by the stun of the enemy frontline. For this reason, Thane is a great hero to protect Seirus as Thane dives behind the enemy frontline and additionally forces that frontline to attack Thane as long as he does not move away. This allows Seirus to safely cast his 3rd skill. One does not really need to worry about Thane either as Thane will knock down the enemy frontline when he dashes through, while simultaneously gaining a small shield that may grant immunity him immunity from an incoming control effect(stun, charm, etc.). Additionally, Seirus himself provides an AoE stun which protects Thane from incoming damage. This mutual contribution to each others’ durability makes this duo very synergistic, as they both cover each others’ weaknesses.
  • Unfortunately, since Seirus’s 3rd skill (Ocean’s Blessing) activates before his 2nd skill (Deluge), he cannot be paired with Lyca to interrupt enemy heroes’ first 2nd skill cast at the start of battle in the same way that Arden can.
  • Due to his 4th skill (Free Flow), Seirus is very hard to kill if paired with a healer.
  • Seirus’s ultimate (Abhorrent Torrent) pushes all enemies back, exposing the backline.



Tank, Def Supp

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Grezhul is a tank who relies on his abilities to mitigate damage. He is strongest against intelligence-based heroes due to his ability to reduce magic damage taken for him and his allies.

Strength: Spawns spooky skeletons

Weakness: Starts off a bit weak, but gets stronger. Needs some defensive support to boost survivability to maximize effectiveness.

  • Grezhul’s ultimate ability (Reanimate) briefly stuns enemies in a fairly large radius. He can typically stun three enemies reliably as the gravestone spawns in between the frontline and backline, hitting not only the frontliner but the two backliners behind as well.
  • The Skeletal warrior(s) spawned by Reanimate have a slightly shorter attack range than Grezhul. This means that they will divert attention away from Grezhul; a frontliner such as Brutus for example will turn around and hit the skeletons instead. This means that the skeletons can absorb ultimate abilities such as Brutus’s Whirlwind.


DPS, Bruiser, Sweeper

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Shemira is a slow starter, but given some time to build energy, her ultimate can decimate entire enemy teams while making her nearly immortal.

Strength: Ult hits everyone

Weakness: Ult takes longer than most to charge

  • Using Shemira as a front liner can help her charge her ultimate faster as she gains energy from receiving damage, mitigating her weakness of below-average innate energy gain. However, this is only possible with sufficient gear, levels, and defensive support.
  • Shemira is perhaps the ideal Sweeper hero to place behind Brutus to take advantage of his guaranteed survivability, due to her ultimate indiscriminately damage all enemies while healing her based on damage dealt.




Assassin, DPS

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Isabella is a damage dealer who drains an ally’s health to boost her own damage, and helps allies focus down low-health targets.

With her ultimate skill having random targetting, Isabella gets stronger as the enemies’ numbers dwindle.

Strength: High crit rate, Helping allies secure kills

Weakness: Brutus, Ult randomness

  • Isabella’s 2nd skill (Void Barrage) targets the enemy with the lowest health. This means that Brutus can tank Isabella easily with his 4th skill (Last Gasp), as he can stay as the lowest health member of the enemy team for up to 8 seconds. Additionally, his ultimate (Whirlwind) after level 81 also makes him immune to magic damage for the duration, which can add some additional time he can tank Isabella on top of the 8 seconds from Last Gasp. To counter this and make sure Isabella does meaningful damage to other targets, place higher damage heroes opposite to the other non-Brutus frontliner so that Isabella will target that hero instead. Alternatively, heroes that can deal immediate damage to the enemy backline can make Isabella hit these targets instead. For example, Silvina and Athalia can immediately damage an enemy backliner and make Void Barrage target them first, for a quick and easy kill.


Control, DPS

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Ferael is a middling damage dealer with outstanding control abilities. He stuns enemies and drains their energy, delaying their ultimates.

Strength: Makes your team ult first

Weakness: Lots of key skill upgrades locked behind later levels

  • Ferael can deal a surprising amount of damage over long, drawn-out battles, but due to his lack of innate survivability, he depends on his teammates to keep him alive. This means he works well in tankier, more sustain-focused teams with control abilities to stack on top of his to slow games down.





Tank, Burst

AFK Arena — Strategy Guide, Tier of Heroes and META today

Thoran is a tank who performs better against weaker opponents but can struggle to keep up with stronger enemies.

Strength: Revive, Damage Reflect

Weakness: Ult has small AoE, Ult immobilizes Thoran

  • Due to the small area of effect of his ultimate ability (Retaliation) and the stun effect of his 3rd ability (Wild Wonder) after level 121, Thoran is best placed against multiple melee enemies.
  • Thoran’s 4th skill (Taint) can be interrupted with control abilities or excessive damage. So while this ability incentivizes putting Thoran in a position where he will receive as much damage as possible, be wary that it can backfire and he might lose an entire ability if it gets interrupted.
  • If you know beforehand which enemy hero has the lowest health, you can position Athalia opposite that target to potentially set up an easy kill, since Thoran will mark that target with Taint.
  • Taint can’t kill enemies; it will at most leave them at a sliver of health. Pair Thoran with Isabella to easily pick off the weakened enemy.



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